Vote Doug Ducey for Governor of Arizona

The 2014 election is right around the corner and it is very important that we all vote Doug Ducey for Governor. Doug is the former Arizona State Treasurer and CEO & Partner of Cold Stone Creamery. I have known Doug for 6 years and he has the knowledge and expertise to create jobs, help existing entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and effectively attract more employers to Arizona. He is a man of great discipline, integrity, and enthusiasm with the unparalleled ability to communicate effectively with voters across the state.

As State Treasurer, he has worked with the Legislature and current Governor to bring common sense ideas to balancing our budget and managing taxpayer dollars. We need a Governor with the ability to lead and tackle tough issues. Our country today violates the basic tenets we all grew up with, “if you don’t have it, you can’t spend it.” Damaging federal policies leave us with only one path of recourse: use the states as models of what democracy can look like. Arizona, under Doug’s leadership, has become an example of fiscal responsibility to the entire nation.

As CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, Doug grew a company from one store in Tempe into a brand that has created jobs in all 50 states and 20 countries around the world. We need a candidate that understands how the private sector works and how to make Arizona more “business friendly.” His free market business principles will help create more jobs and more security for Arizona families.

Please vote Doug Ducey for Governor on election day!


Charles A. Jensen

Mitt Romney, Charles A. Jensen, Former Cold Stone CEO Doug Ducey