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More than 80% of people use English as their official and other work.Thus, it is evident that English has become an important language for anyone to learn and achieve their career goals.Therefore, learning English improves one’s chance of getting this post.It is spoken by many people in the world.Knowing English increases your chances to build a successful career.Not only schoolchildren but also elders have the opportunity to learn English In conclusion, vocabulary is the most required skill when learning a foreign language.Every language class usually uses some form of technology.Because English is the language for doing international business and to communicate with others around the world, so that’s why learning English in a school, college or institute of further education is a must.Language is a medium to express our thoughts and actions Essay- The Importance of Learning English.The requirements for the position consists the ability to speak English.In today’s ICT and hi-tech communication, learning English is a must.Importance Of Learning English Essay.The Importance of Learning English English is a vital language to be learned because English is the International language in the world.Should we try to ensure the survival of local languages and if so how?This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers english is a language.To increase your English skill, you must always learn as often as you can and practice as well 6.Importance Of English: Today importance of English needs no explanation.In most of the school, colleges, and universities the education is in the English language.Crossing the border of England, USA, Australia, or other countries of the native speakers of English, it has now achieved the status of a global language that clearly indicates the necessity of English..Education for a child begins at home.I think it is one of the most important languages in the world.English has a foothold as the “language of business,” and being so, has become the most commonly learnt second language amongst foreign language speakers Paragraph on the importance of learning English in 250 Words Importance essay important of learning english of Learning English.English is well known as an international standard language and it is very important for those who life in this globalization era.In conclusion, international students move to English speaking countries to perfect their language skills and to benefit from the higher level of education and living standards available in these countries English is the most commonly used language around the world.English is the International language.It has great influence all over the world.For the majority of English as Second Language(ESL) learners, the ultimate goal of learning the language is to understand (read and listen) and communicate (write and speak) with little difficulty and the lack of sufficient vocabulary may be the constraint of such.

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The global job market has even created new positions for bilingual people.I think essay important of learning english it is one of the most important languages in the world.First, learning English improves the chance of getting a good job Report 1 Learning English Summary : Why learning English is important?It is being spoken by half of the population of the world at present.English is important for a number of reasons: In Business: English is used widely by international business community.It is a key to the modern world.By learning English, you could become a translator, a language teacher or an English marketing professional for a global company For the students, it’s very important to learn and understand the English language for further study.To communicate across national borders and maintain correspondence with overseas business parties or professionals,English is essential.Technology enables teachers to adapt classroom activities, thus enhancing the language learning process.Lt is also the medicion of communication through email and intemet.At TalkShop we value English learning, we help them to enhance their English communication skills.Now it has gained the status of international language Learn more about the importance of learning and speaking English for job opportunities here.Anis : Then tell me why learning English is important.English is the official language of 53 countries and is used as a lingua franca (a mutually known language) by people from all around the world Home — Essay Samples — Social Issues — Immigration to America — A Need To Learn English By Immigrants This essay has been submitted by a student.More than 200+ countries are using English for their mother language.Almost all important journals and papers are published in English.Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or of finding work abroad.It is a lifelong process that ends with death Importance (547 quotes) I am disturbed when I see the majority of so-called Christians having such little understanding of the real nature of the faith they profess.Technology has been used to both help and improve language learning.Learning English can help you meet new people.Writing is potentially one of the toughest concepts for Native English Speaking students to grasp.For lots of reasons, English has got the status of International Language.This languag is used in everyday life-at home,in the market,in the office,at school,in college ,etc.In today’s business world, English has become the default second language.Secondly, people who understand English can travel much more countries by themselves than people who do not speak English Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or of finding work abroad.The importance of education in life is immense.Learning English is very important because it improves one’s chance of getting a good job, helps one communicate in foreign countries, and broadens one’s social networking.Buy Well-Structured Essay on Self-defense with Introduction, Body and Conclusion.English is the official language of 53 countries and is used as a lingua franca (a mutually known language) by people from all around the world He has written to me about the importance of learning English.Plays a significant role in English as second language learning process.Question 1 The Importance of learning English Paragraph 3 English is an international language.For international travel, fluency in English is essential.Secondly, it’s very important for higher education and thirdly, for getting a.

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Moreover, english has been the medium of education in all parts of the.English is important for a number of reasons: In Business: English is used widely by international business community.Argumentative Essay: Reasons essay important of learning english You Should Learn English If you plan on making your way in the world, learning a second language is imperative.Besides from going to school to learn English, reading varieties of books, magazines, listening different kinds music, radio programs, watch movies, films, talk to native speakers or even travel aboard.It is widely used in Education, Business, Movies, and even in Sports.English is very important because if you want to go abroad, a very few people understand other languages.English is an international language which has been received by countries all over the word.Imagine if people didn't study English.English is being a really important part of our daily life.Learning English is an important step forward to all of those goals.If these are not taught, many are at risk of dying out.Though learning English is time-consuming and also tough, but it worth the hard work as at the end it creates so many new turns in your life INTRODUCTION Learning English has become a very essay important of learning english important role nowadays.Antu: There Are several reasons behind the importance of learning English.